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As a competition barbecue team, we started with a competition in Washington, MO that was sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS). From that point on, that was what we knew, it is what we as a team was brought up on.

I became a KCBS judge and table captain. I volunteered to help run a few KCBS contests. I even hosted my own contest.

A couple of years in we also became members of the St. Louis Barbecue Society (SLBS). We included 1 or 2 contests each year in our plans. We found it to be very comfortable for our team.

After our 2015 season, we made a decision to focus on SLBS contests. The contests were closer to home and we have grown close to the teams the compete in the circuit and there is a great comradery amongst teams.

I have enjoyed watching the SLBS grow into what is has become. This year there were a record number of contests held, membership is up, and I feel the organization is more responsive to the needs of it’s members. The one thing that has impressed me the most is that the board is able to react and change to it’s members wishes allot easier than larger organizations.

If you enjoy competitive barbecue and you are near the St. Louis area, please consider being an active member of this great organization.  There are many opportunities to compete, judge or volunteer.

Please visit their website for information on becoming a member, becoming a judge, upcoming contests or to follow your favorite teams.