1 buttermilk
1 Franks RedHot Wing Sauce
1 Uncle Bob’s Sweet Louisiana Spice


chicken breast fresh – no broth or brine added
panko bread crumbs
potato flakes


Pound the meat down to a thickness of ½ inch

Add the chicken to a non-reactive container and cover completely with a 50/50 mixture of buttermilk and buffalo wing sauce. I like adding some Uncle Bobs Sweet Louisiana seasoning to this mixture for a little more kick. Let the chicken brine in the buttermilk mixture for a minimum of 4 hours. Today it did a total of 8 hours.

I have grilled this both on charcoal (my favorite) and gas. If you are going to grill with charcoal, set up for a medium low offset fire. For gas, preheat to medium temperature.

While the grill is heating, take the chicken pieces directly from the brine and bread them with a mixture of panko and potato flakes.

When the grill is up to temperature, carefully add the chicken to the grill. We will slowly cook this until the breading starts to set and change color on the back side.

Cook the chicken until 165 deg F and serve.