Two Butts and a Ham BBQ is competitive SLBS/KCBS barbecue team based out of the St. Louis, MO metropolitan area.

Two Butts and a Ham originally started as Windswept BBQ – a competitive barbecue team started by Leo Butts, Randy Malin, and Bob Cunningham in 2009.  In 2010 Brian Butts joined the Windswept BBQ team.  The “Chief Cook” of Windswept BBQ was Leo Butts.

In 2013 the team name changed to Two Butts and a Ham.  The Windswept BBQ team name was also kept in case Leo and his wife Judy chose to compete separately.

Charlie Brown was added to the team at the end of 2013 and Jason Halterman was added at the end of 2015.  The current Two Butts and a Ham team consists of Brian Butts (Chief Cook), Bob Cunningham, Charlie Brown and Jason Halterman.